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> Morgan B. said this about the Online Class:

This course has taught me a lot of different things and I am not sure where to start so I will start at the beginning. I never realized that there was Large Animal Rescue I knew that if your horse got into trouble, in a pool, you had to get it out but I didnt know that there were classes and information on how to do it correctly and actual hands on training available. I never knew anything about Incident Command System and that all volunteers (firefighters, EMS) had to take the course Introduction to Incident Command Systems.

The ICS structure at first seemed to be a whole other language but I feel that it is the most straight forward system for disasters there is. Most any one should be able to understand it.

I now know how to handle a scene if I am the first one there. I know what questions to ask myself to make sure I am safe at all times. I know the 9 steps to size the scene up and to be helpful when more help arrives.

I know the ways to help the emergency responders that have never dealt with horses, the safe ways to handle them, the safe places to stand, what might scare them and the ways to place straps for removal from different disaster scenes.

I now feel confident in educating people about making their barns fire safe, as well as how to make my own safe. There are things to make your barn safe that never crossed my mind such as the barrier between the road and barn.

I feel very confident in providing safe trailering to my own horses and any ones elses horse that I may trailer. Also, how to help someone when buying a trailer to make sure that they are purchasing a safe trailer and how for them to keep it safe. I know what documents should be in my trailer every time I haul horses incase of an emergency so all responders know who to call and who can help.

I had fun tying up my dog as my training animal for my safety harness. He was an almost willing participant. I think that it made it a little more real on how it would be in a real emergency. I used my horse for the emergency halter test dummy.

I have already shared some of the information with the local fire department and the local veterinarian. I have shared some of the information with farrier customers on how to make their barn fire safe. My horse friends are very interested in how to safely get their horses out of trouble.

I have plans on having an informational gathering at the local fire department for any one interested in attending to share with them the information that I have obtained from the course. That way the fire department, veterinarian and local horse owners have a better understanding of what to do in an emergency and to be safer on the road when trailering horses. There are a lot of Amish where I live so we have a share of buggy accidents and there are a lot of horses in my community. Barn fires are also common due to the only light in their barns is a kerosene lamp, fuel and cobwebs bad idea. I can help the fire department with how to handle horses in a barn fire and educate the owners on how to train there horses to not be scared of the fire men.

Over all I feel that everyone that owns horses should take this course and have your book Save Your Horse! A Horse Owners Guide to Large Animal Rescue. The local vet and fire department now knows that I have some information about how to safely rescue horses and I am there go to person for help. Thanks again for allowing this great course to be available.

Thank YOU, Morgan

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