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Save Your Horse!
LAR for Horse Owners
Horse Awareness and Safety CD
Emergency First Aid for Pets CD
Save Your Horse! A Horse Owner's Guide to Large Animal Rescue Intro to LAR for Horse Owners class Horse Awareness and Safety class Emergency First Aid for Pets class

SAVE YOUR HORSE book is in stock at Amazon

The new edition is now being offered on Amazon.com. Thank you for your patience

We proudly carry products designed to help keep you and your animals safe.

Do you live in a remote area?
Can't afford to bring in outside trainers?
Do you have the skills to teach, but not the class material?
Need a fundraiser for your rescue group, or a community service project?
When you can't get training in your area – "Teach It Yourself"!

Coming soon! Downloadable Pet First Aid book

Online Course
Red Jeans Ink has developed a new course entitled "Equine Safety and Rescue" at Horse Courses Online and Equine Studies Institute. Check out the websites for more information.

Now you can learn about equine safety at home. This course is approved for college credit at Breyer State University, BSU, and as an elective in the Professional Certification programs, and also University of South Carolina Aiken's (USCA) Horse Smart certificate program.

Contact Michelle to teach her classes, or present information on disaster preparedness for horse owners and barn fire safety, in the US and Canada.

Please check the "download" area. There are animal identification sheets and a Release of Liability there. And they are free!

For more information on Large Animal Rescue, please visit the LAR website.