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List Price: $29.95
8.5 x 11 inches size for easy viewing
Step by step illustrations
Language: English
Fifth edition now available


Buy a copy for your local Fire Department and donate it to them!

Save a horse! Save a life!
Make the world a better place!

Save Your Horse!

A Horse Owner's Guide to Large Animal Rescue

by Michelle Staples

The first book to address the subject of technical large animal rescue in a way that makes sense to horse owners!

This book is designed to be used as an on-site resource. Please share this information with your emergency responders who do not understand horses and are unfamiliar with the training available in Large Animal Rescue (LAR).

Save Your Horse! complements the training offered by experts in the field.

Don't wait until you need to remove your horse from entrapment. Learn the steps necessary, and pass on your knowledge to your local emergency personnel NOW!

You could save a life -- maybe YOUR horse's.

New to this edition: Learn the safe way to approach a barn fire

Do you know EVERYTHING you need to know about safe trailering?

Read the chapter written just for horse owners about how to protect yourself and your horse out on the road!

If a horse is trapped in an overturned trailer, falls down a well or off a cliff,
this handy book outlines a clear, detailed and safe approach to
Save Your Horse!

Only about two percent of all firefighters have this specialized training. According to experts, the most critical safety issue at the scene of a large animal incident is the responders' lack of knowledge of and experience around large animals! Don't jeopardize your horse, yourself or your responders! LAR training has been designed to work within the Incident Command System – the structure and language used for all emergency responses.

Your veterinarian may be involved in rescuing your horse, but he or she probably has not worked with rescue personnel, does not understand her role in a multi-agency response, and does not have an agreement in place with your local responders. Precious time could be lost while everyone figures out who is responsible for what! Get your vet on board BEFOREHAND!

  • Specialized rescues such as mud, swiftwater, and ice
  • How to use everyday equipment carried by emergency responders
  • Horse handling for emergency responders
  • Safe trailering for horse owners
  • What to carry in your own rescue kit
  • How to build an equine ambulance
  • Information on trailers, tools and rescue equipment
  • Where to find Large Animal Rescue training
  • Splinting and other basic first aid information, including euthanasia
  • Calling 911, and how the Incident Command System works
Contains over 135 drawings and photos!

What people are saying about this book.

  • "The Middleborough Massachusetts Fire Department has just received a copy of your "Save Your Horse" Large Animal Rescue book and DVD and we plan on making it part of our training program. The book and dvd will help us to educate our firefighters in the proper technics of large animal rescue and ultimately assisting our citizens with their animals. Thank you for the great reference material."
  • "I think your book is awesome and I am planning on showing it to all my horse friends."
  • "I am truly impressed with the wealth of knowledge and guidance in your book."
  • "THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I love your manual!!!! You did an AMAZING job and really addressed all, A-Z. (I will use your diagram about the vision range of a horse tomorrow in our home school class- it is the best visual on this I have ever seen)."
  • "Your book is perfect for us to use at the Volunteer Fire and Rescue in conjunction with the Teach It Yourself LAR".
  • "Just a quick note to thank you for your program. You did an awesome job with it, I'm very impressed! We've received such a positive response from the County Fire Coordinator that they're chomping at the bit to get started! We'll be implementing many of your ideas and I wanted to thank you for making our horses safer, one by one, county by county!! "
  • "Just a note to let you know that I love my book! It is all I hoped for and more. I think all of the fire companies in small communities should have a copy!"
  • "The book just blew me away - thanks for writing it!"
  • "If it is possible to "love" a book about such a serious topic, then I love yours! You have just done everything right."
  • "As a retired fire fighter, I wish I'd had this book back when I ran fire calls. Fortunately, I never encountered a trailer accident. I have rescued a number of loose horses on highways, for which I'm always thankful that I'm a horse person.

    Michelle has done an outstanding job of cutting to the chase and outlining definitive steps for several rescue scenarios. What's more, she has written this book so that it can be easily integrated into the Incident Command structure used by most jurisdictions. Her suggestions are valid for owners as well as first responders. I will warn you that some of the photos are graphic and difficult to see, but very necessary to illustrate points in the scenarios.

    I would HIGHLY recommend that folks have this book with them in their towing vehicle, along with the equine's coggins and health certificates."

  • "Thank you for writing that wonderful book. Much needed information and so valuable. You are a gem."
  • "I got your book today.... WOW! what a fantastic job you've done. I've had a quick flick through and I'm impressed... I will most definitely be showing it around for you and hope to get you some business from this end (Australia)."
  • "Once again many thanks for the book. What we are currently doing is, in conjunction with the material contained in the book, preparing a series of training events directed towards animal rescue. This training will be delivered to 15 of our rural fire stations which attend this type of call (Scotland)."
  • "Many thanks for the book, some very interesting and useful stuff within. I have passed it on to the crews at one of our rescue tender stations for them to use as a training aid, it was very well received (England)."
  • "Its a really, really, really great book. We are so impressed. Just great info and well presented. Bravo!"

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