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This CD-Rom contains

  • Directions for set up
  • A Powerpoint Slide Show with over 90 slides and training notes
  • Additional slides depicting how to tie an emergency harness
  • Additional material in handouts for your students
  • Blank Certificate of Completion
  • Feedback form
Class typically runs about 3 to 4 hours, depending on number of students and level of participation.

Equipment needed includes a computer, Powerpoint Projector, screen, rope, stuffed animals.

Language: English

Textbook for the class:
"Save Your Horse! A Horse Owner's Guide to Large Animal Rescue"

Introduction to Large Animal Rescue for Horse Owners

"Teach It Yourself" Class
Written by Michelle Staples


Teach the class anywhere Large Animal Rescue (LAR) classes are not available – such as rural and remote areas – or give the CD to your local horse rescue to use as a fundraiser!

Save a horse's life! Help a neighbor! Make the world a better place!

What information does the class contain?

This CD-Rom is designed to be taught in a classroom.

This "Teach It Yourself" class is designed for horse owners who are interested in being prepared to remove – or help remove – their horse from a life-threatening incident.

Intro to LAR for Horse Owners gives you basic information to help you work with the emergency response system in your area.

This class is a significant addition to the teaching tools of CERT (Disaster preparedness) and Equine Management instructors,
and will provide invaluable information for horse owners everywhere. Hands-on practice helps reinforce lessons on tying an emergency halter and harness.

Are you owned by a horse? This beloved family member may need emergency rescue at some time in his life. With this CDRom, you and your family can learn how you can be prepared to rescue him. Why wait until disaster strikes? Keep yourself safe when helping your horse!

According to experts,
the most critical safety issue at the scene of a large animal incident is the
responders' lack of knowledge of and experience around large animals.
They're not trained for it, and it is dangerous in ways they just don't understand.

Be prepared to help them. Know how rescues are structured and the language used so your help will be accepted by the professionals!

Why should groups, including disaster rescuers, need this information?

Disaster and rescue groups often need to train their volunteers before sending them out into the field. This CDRom provides an overview of working with one of the larger and more dangerous animals they may be called upon to rescue.

Businesses involving horses, such as boarding stables, grooms, trainers, and breeders are constantly hiring new personnel. Make sure your new employees understand this vital information involving the animals they are working around. A little prevention goes a long way toward ensuring the comfort of your critters.

The information contained in the CDRom is basic – an overview of life saving rescue techniques that might be needed by any large animal at some time in his life – and would be of interest to Fire Departments, disaster rescue groups, Humane Societies, and large animal businesses looking for an easy to teach class.

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